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Truth is always right, because no matter how stiff it is, allows you to prepare in order to confront the facts. TL    www.planetinperil.info

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Sanity on cosmology, let's get the Black holes right. Black Holes are not an empty space at all, this is about a great amount of matter packet in to a very small area. The term (black hole) refers to to regions in space formed when a Star dies and collapses under the pressure of its own gravity to a single point in space called singularity but, this is not formal at all, this is a guess and a Medieval times tales story. Black Stars are not Nuclei Stars the difference is that Black Stars are mass of greater density and burn their fuel differently. Those two facts allow greater duration of life time. The reason of their black color is simply the fact related to their extreme gravitational pull that, besides the tachyons, nothing else can escape. Black holes exists only between the ears of their believers. TL  www.ourStarEarth.com  www.planetinperil.info 

another thing I want to ad is that (Black holes) in order to be absorbing (eating!) objects, swirling must occur, and that event do not happen! Black holes exist only between the ears of their believers!  TL 

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HUBBLE SPACE TELESOPE. This is the upgrade of the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer telescope at the Space Station, which helped us discover systems over 12 billion years old. Now is the time of the James Webb telescope, exciting and intrigue! TL

Mandatory Centrifugal force; Without friction the events horizon would have not be possible, and centrifugal force is mandatory for the friction and swirling events to occur. Within the Milky-Way and other Galaxies we found Black Stars (this is about Black Stars, not Black Holes) the size of our Solar system and greater. Well there are NO available Nuclei Stars 150 times the size of our Solar system in order to form a Black Hole the size of our Solar system, after their collapse. There is no available Nuclei Star the size of our Solar system! What about the Black Holes (Horizon events?) There should have not been a Horizon's event around the Black Holes if they (swallow, assimilate or slurp) everything. It is a crime for (Professionals) to load up on the Donkey whatever they can't comprehend. There are NO Black holes existed nor UFO from the (Outer space!). TL www.ourStarEarth.com

James Webb space telescope, a priceless tool in the wrong location. TL www.planetinperil.info

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The greater the gravitational pull, the faster the tachyons accelerate. Tachyon particles excretion off the Black Stars accelerates faster than photons. Nuclei Stars excesses Solar winds, Black Stars Tachyons. The existence of Tachyons is realistic, feasible, fully justified from any physics point of view and from a Quantum physics point of view. There is a problem in regards the Cosmic Rays origin and this is the Black Stars and their Tchyons winds. The Tachyons winds reduce on speed after certain amount of distance from their origin and what the geniuses spot as Cosmic Rays is nothing else than Tachyons, once you do not understand the Black Stars and their winds, you will never find an explanation about the Tachyons!  TL    www.ourStarEarth.com

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Tachyons enfeeble to Cosmic Rays. TL

Although, they were partially right, because what they detected with their Scintillators was the TACHYONS enfeeblement, which is the Cosmic Rays Tachyons enfeeble to Cosmic Rays after certain amount of distance from their source and up on confrontation with another spectral type of Star as a result of its winds resistance. The reason why scientists even today do not know the origin of the Cosmic Rays is the fact that they consider the Black Stars as Black Holes! In that order a Black Hole is all Vacuum! TL

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Scintillator, Photomultiplier, Reflected ray, Optical coupling fiber, Light pipe, Insulating fiber, Magnetic shield erased at cathode potential, LO-Z opaque cover grounded. TL

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Black Holes and while on absolute zero, can't emit Hawking's radiation, on a perfect thermal spectrum!

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Black Stars Liquid gases are of extremely high density and this is the major difference vice the Nuclei Stars.

Droughts, Wilde-fires, and deserts are not the result of climatic status. They are consequence of past major subvolcanic activity and thereafter present intense cavities activity. The depth of the cavities and the ground's morphology, determines the surface's condition. Also, the soil's morphology (composition) decides the direction of the cavity. I know the rest of the seven billion Humans may find it hard to swallow it but, get a pencil and write 40 times the above sentence on a piece of paper, until you finally realize it.  TL

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..and as I mention to two young black Men, Nature makes the Human kind like she makes the flowers, the animals, birds, the fish, etc. A lot of variety on every kind! Everything is a matter of cooperation among us and others. Don't forget we are the Human kind. 06/25/2022 TL

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1.- UFO are a Patent of the USA and works through magnetic fields generated by the ISS. 2.-Nobody can explain the origin of the Cosmic Rays, because they believe in the existence of the Black holes. Cosmic Rays are the winds of the Black Stars (Tachyons), that their speed reduces after certain distance from their origin. Black Holes exist but, only between the ears of their believers.3.-The events horizon of the Black holes should not be there, once they are all vacuum! 4.-Without friction the events Horizon should not be there and Centrifugal force is Mandatory for the friction and swirling in order  to occur. 5.-Within the Milky-Way and other Galaxies we found Black Holes as they wrongfully call them the size of our Solar system and greater. Well, there are no available Nuclei Stars 150 times the size of our Solar system in order to create a Black hole the size of our Solar system. There is no available Nuclei Star the size of our Solar system. You know what? The time the geniuses lay their eggs, they can't see anybody as smart as they are! Yes, all idiots feel great and strong when they lay their eggs, although they do not pay attention on their eggs that are just addles and stinky. TL